Wednesday, January 1, 2014


With every new year I have previously made a set of goals and for the most part I have made changes. For example I have become pretty habitual in exercising and I can honestly say that if I don't exercise on average 6 days a week then I feel like something is off. I have changed my eating habits over the years to the extent that my family is constantly chiding me about trying to be uber healthy. In some areas I have trying to be less opinionated. Yup...that pretty much hasn't changed, but to be fair I do try.

Anyhoo if you read any blogs, you have noticed that coming up with a theme word is in vogue. I have decided to give it a try and see if it influences any change in my crafting. Initially I thought about going with "create" since I would like to expand in my art quilting and get a little more free flowing to stimulate my creativity. But that just seemed passe and not original. Then I thought about "focus" so I could concentrate on getting things finished, instead of having so many UFOs (unfinished objects/projects), but that word was boring. Next up was "organize" since my sewing room was an absolute disaster, but I was forced to organize it for the holidays.

Finally I settled on

So my theme word for this year is IMAGINE. I am looking forward to the possibilities!

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