Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ewok Halloween Costume

This year little T's Halloween costume was to be an Ewok...a decision made not by T but by his mommy and daddy. Since I volunteered to make it I was soooo happy to find this pattern.

The pattern was well written with easy-to-follow directions. It went together very fast.

My biggest criticism (and this really isn't even a criticism since the projected adult height for this little guy is 6' 8" based on his growth pattern) is that I made the 2T size for a 19-month-old and it came out a little smaller than I thought it would....especially the hood. The hood was really small on T but then maybe he has a really, really big head....he is pretty smart! It is so hard to make clothes for little ones when they live so far away. 

A look at the cute little tail peeking out.

I was glad that I talked daughter into using fake fur just on the belly piece and not the whole costume. Boy is that stuff a mess to work with. Just looking at the material sent tufts of fake fur floating through the air. The rest of the costume was made in brown and reddish-brown fleece. The good news is that T doesn't mind wearing the costume and seems pretty comfortable in it!


  1. Love the costume! I will admit that i don't know what an ewok is, but T looks pretty darn cute as one!

  2. Great job - he looks like the cutest little Ewok!

  3. Barbara...did you miss Star Wars when you were growing up? Guess you might have been a little needed a big brother who was a Star Wars freak.

  4. Yes... I think it's one of those things that only has meaning if you grew up watching it. And since I didn't have any brothers, and neither of my parents were into it, I just missed that boat. Most people are horrified that I've never seen it, but I honestly think it would be lost on me to watch it this late in the game at... *gulp*... 30!