Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Feathers Are For Chicks

Yesterday I was getting my hair cut and while waiting for my turn I watched a stylist pull out several hackles. Hackle is essentially the slender feathers collected from the neck of a bird. They have traditionally been used for fly tying.

Naturally I was surprised that there would be fly tying supplies in a hair salon so I asked the stylist if she tied flies...duh!! Nope! It seems that I have missed yet another fashion trend. As Daughter says it is hopeless and I will never be accused of being trendy. The current fad is to place a feather or two in one's hair as an extension. A style that evidently has picked up since Steven Tyler showed up on Idol sporting feathers in his hair.

Since hackle is now fashionable there has been a surge in demand resulting in fly fishing stores being swarmed by females with absolutely no interest in fish. Naturally this has resulted in shortage of supply and increased prices much to the chagrin of fly tyers. Hmmm now I am wondering what my saddles and hackles can fetch on Craigs list. However as with most fashion trends I am sure this fad is hair today, gone tomorrow....sorry I just couldn't resist! How about you? Are feather extensions now a part of your fashion ensemble? Mom

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