Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's In A Name

They used to be called stuffed toys, but now there is a fancy new word...amigurumi. Get this, amigurumi is Japanese for knitted stuffed toy!! Go figure! Well at any rate I am broadening my foreign language vocabulary. I have to admit that these little toys are too cute. So I had to make one for Mr. T.

 The pattern came from this book and it is crocheted instead of knitted. There are tons of patterns available for knitting or crocheting any kind of animal. I also got this book just because there were even more cute animals. Not only are there patterns for animals, but robots, food, people...just about anything!

Looks like I will be getting lots of practice crocheting. Have you seen any cute amigurumis? Mom


  1. So cute!!! I saw one recently of a toilet and plunger. Why in the world would someone want that?

  2. A toilet and a plunger...that's wild. Can't imagine anyone wanting that except maybe a plumber!