Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where's Baby?

Grandmother and I made a quilt for "baby". Grandmother pieced it and of course she was done with her part by September. Fast forward to late February and you would have found me frantically spending hours at the sewing machine quilting. It was a race to try to finish the quilt before baby appeared on the scene. Now here we are at the beginning of March and the quilt is finished but where's baby??? He even has a cute fox waiting for him to play.

 I did get a little carried away with the quilting. My initial intention was to do an open quilting pattern so the quilt wouldn't be too stiff but once I got started I started to feel like every surface had to be quilted. Hence it took me a lot more time and thread to get it finished.

 Oh...there's baby! He's still nestled in his little?? womb...Daughter/soon-to-be-mom doesn't think the womb is so little anymore. Come out, come out little baby. We are waiting anxiously for you! Mom


  1. Linds, you look adorable!!! I love the baby bump! I can't wait to see what "baby" looks like! :-)

  2. Oh my goodness, your belly is precious! Also, your hair is so long and luxurious! I can't wait to see your baby boy!