Sunday, February 13, 2011


With the arrival of a new baby around the corner, Dad isn't exempt from changing a few diapers. With that in mind I made my son-in-law his very own diaper bag using Anna Maria Horner's "Dad Bag" pattern from her book "Handmade Beginnings". The bag went together fairly easily and it is a messenger style bag that doesn't scream KIDS or DIAPERS. It has plenty of room for stowing a laptop or kindle or even an old-fashioned book along with some wipes, diapers, bottles, toys...the necessary baby stuff. Although the outside is a go- anywhere kind of fabric I couldn't resist lining it with a baby themed fabric. No one really needs to know that this dad is cleaning up messes instead of looking cool.

My biggest critique of this bag is that it needs a little more stability. Horner's directions only include a heavy duty stabilizing interfacing on the lining back of the bag. When I make this again I am going to add some fusible fleece to the pieces of the bag and I don't think I will put in such a stiff type of interfacing. This should help give the bag a little more body without being stiff and bulky. Overall Horner's directions were relatively easy to follow and they were supplemented with plenty of drawings to illustrate a lot of the steps. Mom


  1. I think that since daughter has volunteered to change all diapers I might use it as a camera/toy/fun bag instead. Thanks Mom and Daughter!

    -Soon to be Dad

  2. Soon to be your dreams!!! You are going to get down and dirty too! MIL