Monday, January 3, 2011

A Look Back at 2010

Grandmother:  2011 is knocking at the door, as I look back over the events of 2010.  I don't know why all the good things stand out, but as I grow older my life is full of good happenings.

The year is filled with family events. Visits from children and grandchildren fill my heart with joy. Our family is fortunate as every one is healthy and busy working, buying homes, decorating them, cooking, traveling and enjoying life. When the grandkids come, it amazes me how much they have matured, gaining everyday knowledge and how willing they are to spend time with us. 

Their visits this summer filled our home with laughter, talking, creating and of course eating. Both our son and daughter make the trip to our place to check in on us and help out with yard work, cooking and aiding us in whatever way they can. Our granddaughter brought great news of an event to be fulfilled in 2011. She shared pictures of her home and how she decorated each room. When I stop to remember her room at her parent's home I can hardly believe she has a talent for decorating. Our grandson has accomplished a new dimension to his life as he and his father got first place for their first try at brewing beer. They entered their product in the brewing category at the Minnesota State Fair. Grandson and his wife have done a great job in redoing several rooms in their home doing the work themselves. They both have a talent for cooking, baking, carpentry and decorating.

All these good things outweigh anything that was bad and I like remembering 2010 in that way.

Mom:  Although most would agree that time goes too quickly, there are probably more than a few who are glad to see 2010 end. With news of a major US oil spill in the gulf, record foreclosures, failing economy, increased joblessness and the growing chasm between the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, it is no wonder that we are looking to 2011 with a hopeful eye!

Even though the economy was mostly doom and gloom there were some bright spots. Take the iPad for example. Technology continues to shape our culture and iPad sales foretell of even more devices coming into the foray as competitors try to keep up with the ever shining Apple. Having grown up dialing a clunky phone, I can only wonder at what new electronic devices will be out there at the end of 2011. Wifi could be the next dinosaur as I recently read about offices in St. Cloud using ceiling lights to transmit data to computers.

No matter what comes of 2011 I agree wholeheartedly with Grandmother's view that the family unit remains crucial to our survival and that family should be our #1 priority. As communication continues to evolve with technology it should only bring us closer to our family members when we are separated by miles. But there will always be a place for coming together face-to-face and having heart-to-heart conversations the old-fashioned way. Some things should never go out of style!

Daughter:  My husband and I brought in 2011 with a quiet celebration in our new home.  We reflected on the past year and the adventures we've had--searching, buying and decorating our first home; going on a two-week cruise through the Baltic; and an amazing trip to Turkey.  We've had so much fun and excitement this year, it's hard to believe that next year could top it.  But it will as we are about to embark on one of the greatest adventures in life in 2011--parenthood.  We spent some time on New Year's Eve thinking about all the anticipation we've been feeling in 2010 and how our long wait will soon be over.  We thought about the moment we first found out we were going to be parents and the joys and um...not so great joys of pregnancy that have been experienced this year.

And when we think about 2011, we think of it as a year of firsts--the first time we will experience the world around us through the eyes of our child.  It's hard to imagine what this year will bring or how many sleepless nights we will encounter, but we know that no matter what, 2011 will be a year we will always remember.

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