Monday, May 10, 2010

Notice of Eviction!

Remember this? That was wiley Mr. Fox sunning himself in what he thought was his backyard! He eventually moved away from the den he had dug under my bay window....but evidently being the stud that he was, he may have met this hot mama.

I'm not saying that he is the father or anything but she showed up towing three kits and they all claimed ownership to the den now vacated by the Mr.

I can't just have a fox family taking up residence
like they own the place. What would the neighbors
say? The kits playing and frolicking like it's their
backyard and mama even getting in on the action.

Not to mention that Mom brings dead stuff for the kits to feast on. That is being a responsible parent, but I don't want to see the neighbor cat's carcass among my flowers!

I had to issue an eviction notice. But Mom took off and left the younguns behind...some mother! I figured I was going to have to call animal control to take care of the situation.

But after heading out for an errand I got back to find no sign of the foxes anywhere. Mama must have come back and rounded up the kits. She either took the eviction seriously or maybe she was just taking them out for a little life experience lesson. Either way I had opportunity and grabbed it. I filled in the den with dirt and laid chicken wire along the perimeter of the bay window and staked the wire. And just to be extra certain there is now a sentinel of ceramic frogs, rabbits and pots lined up to protect the area...just in case the family should decide to return. Mom

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  1. I love foxes, but I hear you!
    Not blogging much these days, had my gall bladder out, going to Europe next month.
    Best wishes.