Thursday, April 22, 2010

What a week!!!!

The irrigation water finally got turned on and we proceeded to go through the stations. Got through the first four and then turned on #5. Oh, Oh, Oh, water shot up in two places and we knew we had problems. On the first leak we discovered the pipe was broken. That was easy to repair but on the second one there were two pipes that had cracked and the tee needed to be replaced. Now I am not a plumber, so Grandpa drew the diagram and my son and I decided we could do it.

We got the first and second pipes along with the tee cemented in place. Turned on the water and discovered the pipe on both ends was cracked and water came seeping out. Much to our dismay and with another trip to the store for more pipe and fittings we returned to our project. Grandpa redid the tee and we did the cementing of the pipe in the break. Finally we turned on the water and guess what , no leaks, what a good feeling. Never say that little old ladies can't get their hands dirty and learn new things. Grandmother

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  1. Bravo!

    Seeing that picture brings back memories ...