Thursday, April 22, 2010

Disaster Averted!

Last night I had the bright idea to make cupcakes for my ESL class as one of the students has a birthday Friday. My husband wandered into the kitchen to help. He started the frosting while I got the ingredients for the cake part. I mixed the batter while my husband put the cupcake liners into the muffin pans. While I was pouring the batter into the liners, dear husband stuck his finger into the batter and proceeded to lick it. "YUCK!" "That tastes terrible!"

I glared at him..."What?!"

He said, "It's terrible...did you put in the sugar?"

Heck...I don't know. I scanned the recipe looking for sugar. I had started with flour...oh, oh! Sugar was the first ingredient listed...2 cups of it! No sugar! @#!!%

I started lifting out the cupcake liners and scraping the batter out of them and back into the bowl. Finished that and gave husband directions to add 2 C. of sugar while I ran to the grocery store for more cupcake liners.

All in all the cupcakes turned out and were edible and were enjoyed this morning by the ESL class! Whew!! Good thing husband stuck his finger into the batter, otherwise baked cupcakes would have gone into the trash! Mom

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