Friday, November 13, 2009

What A Trooper!

Remember this scene last month? 14 inches of snow and cold. It was a stern warning for plants to pull down their heads, shed their colors and enter into blissful sleep for the winter. Most of the plants in my garden took heed... all except for one rebel!

Scabiosa 'butterfly blue' has tossed her worries to the wind about taking cover from the wrath of old man winter. She is continuing to dress in her finery and toss her head about, pooh poohing snow, wind and cold. She is the lone bloomer amidst the downed leaves and browning stalks and even though she is small in stature she has a brave presentation.

Scabiosa or pincushion flower is one of my favorite flowers. She blooms all summer long with a little deadheading and although most sources say to keep her roots moist, mine survive and flourish with minimal watering. Pincushion flower is a perennial that likes full sun. You can't help but admire this flower with her saucy attitude! Mom

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