Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scrappy Quilt finished

Finally finished the "scrappy strip quilt" I have been working on this summer and fall. It seems to take longer when the weather is pleasant and the garden beckons. This quilt took one roll of strip pieces and several others from my "stash". Just love using material I have on hand.
This is the back side, I used left over strips and had to purchase additional yardage for the border. I figure the cost of material in this quilt was close to $40.00 by using left over fabric from previous projects. I didn't keep track of the time in sewing it together, quilting and hand sewing but I estimate close to 10 hours at $7.00 (minimum wage) for a total of $70.00. So the entire quilt cost me $110.00. Now remember this is a throw size quilt (58"by 68"). I took time to figure the cost of this because I was going through some old clippings our parents had and came upon an article in the 1942 paper someone placed. It was an ad "Quilt For Sale", Double wedding ring, yellow background; extra large. Price, $15.00. I think that Double wedding ring quilt was a good buy. Grandmother

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  1. Looks great Celia! I have 2 quilts to make and complete before Thanksgiving as well as 2 quilt tops to quilt. 4 weeks for 4 quilts - I wish you were close so that you could help me!