Saturday, May 2, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

For some it is shoes, others purses but for me it is plants. I can't go to a garden center or a nursery and get just one or two or even three plants. It's like looking at babies in an orphanage...I have to take them all! Never mind the work that comes after picking this one and that one, oh and that one! This doesn't even take in the ones I have collected from the gardens of friends.
Some of the plants are delosperma "Red Mountain, mum "Cool Igloo", dianthus "Flashing Lights", penstemon "Sunburst Ruby", osteospermum "Purple Mountain", phlox "Drummonds Pink", sedum ""Bertram Anderson", verbena "Ron Deal", sedum "Angelina", poppy "Double Tangerine Gem", Silene laciniata, gaillardia "Burgundy", Sphaeralcea coccinea "Cowboys Delight", Nassella tennuissima "Silky Threadgrass", phlox "Emerald Blue" and dianthus "Fire Star".
But my favorites are mimulus or Monkey Flowers...isn't that a great name and look at these blooms! Have you ever seen anything like them...spotted and splotched. How fun. I would have bought a whole lot more of these but when my husband sees how much I spent I will be banned from nurseries for the rest of the summer. Pooh! Mom

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  1. I know what you mean!
    I'm a total hound when it comes to nurseries. I just need to give the little ones the loving home they deserve.