Thursday, April 23, 2009

Add plumbing to my resume!!

It is spring and they turned on the irrigation water so we went through the stations. The first three functioned properly but when we got to the fourth station, we could hear water gushing out and discovered we had a broken pipe!!! Oh rats, a trip to the hardware store to find the right connections. I had a list so I could get everything. Wouldn't you know there were no salesmen on the floor and I was looking at all the bins of connections. Managed to find the 1 inch section and then just had to find a slip union, piece of pipe and two valves. Well finally got the plumbing parts I needed and proceeded home. Under the direct supervision of my husband, I scrambled down the hill, cut the broken section out and got the union, valve and pipe glued together with some terrible smelling stuff and fitted everything together. Then for the test. Turned the water on and the connection held!!! Hooray not bad for a 75 year old lady under the direction of a 75 old man. Grandmother

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