Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Can't Believe It!

It happens every year! When I can finally sit down and enjoy the Christmas decorations, it is time to put them away.

This Christmas was the first one we didn't have any kids home. They went to their in-laws for Christmas. But that doesn't mean that I don't put on the handmade ornaments that they made for me when they were little. If I ever have grandchildren then I will add those to the collection. My tree is always the same every year. It has the kids' ornaments, my husband's grandmother's hand crocheted ornaments and my grandpa's carved wooden ornaments. It's not very trendy but it stirs memories.

Decorating the tree also reminds me of some of the ones we had when I was growing the year my Mom (aka Grandmother) decided to flock the tree. We had this white monstrosity covered in a fake sprayed on snow in the living room with colored balls on it and in front of it was a colored wheel with a light so that when it was turned on we had a spectrum of colors shining on the tree...kind of like our own disco tree. My brothers and I thought it was great but she only did that one year and it is probably a good thing. Funny how some trends last and others (thankfully) go. Now it's time to take this tree down and look toward 2009 and see what new happenings will occur and which old things will stay on. Happy New Year! Mom

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