Thursday, January 1, 2009


It is a frosty morning this New Year's Day here on the Western Slope of Colorado. The sun is just beginning to break through the fog and we should be in the 30's today. I can remember much colder New Year's in the years past and also several times not feeling too well as we celebrated the year's end and the new year beginning. Often dancing the hours away and drinking until the clock struck 12. Now we are in bed by 10 and greet the new year with coffee in the morning. May this New Year be good to all of us. Grandmother


  1. Yeah...maybe 10 p.m. eastern time!

  2. That's right Rod, cause I called at 10 p.m. EST, no answer.. all snuggled down for their winter nap !
    I also remember a New Year's party held in "the shop". all clean with food and drinks til wee hr's of the morn. Lot's of DRINKS an Hooping it up..
    Ahhhh, time does change all of us ! But I did see
    2009 in at least the first hour.
    Happy New Year to all..