Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Our neighbors on either side of us like to exchange home made gifts. Our goal is not to spend a lot of money but to enjoy each others treats. I decided to make peach-orange marmalade. This is a favorite of mine. When I was in grade school my mother made this for a special treat on Christmas day. Sweets were limited due to the war and sugar was rationed. My mother used to trade her meat stamps for my aunt's sugar stamps. She saved the sugar to make jam, marmalade and on some occasions candy. In our stockings were red anise flavored suckers. Mother always sliced her oranges very thin and used canned peaches. The mixture would be simmered slowly all afternoon. The smell would penetrate and we would watch and wait to lick the pan clean. It is the little things that a person remembers more than the material gifts we opened. Merry Christmas!! Grandmother

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