Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cookie monster!!!!

That's what I am!!! I love Christmas time because every club, organization and friends are busy with cookies. Our quilt guild has a dessert luncheon with fancy desserts but I head for the cookie bar not just once but sometimes twice. The gym I go to has a cookie exchange. You bring a dozen cookies and you take home 12 different kinds of cookies. I struggle to make a batch of somewhat fancy cookies, usually sugar cookies decorated with icing (not too orginal.) The ones I go for are the rich butter cookies, bon bons, peppermint sprinkled, those deep fat fried lacy powdered sugar ones or jelly filled. One of each kind fill my plate. The church has a Christmas Tea. That one is always good, you just pay a small fee and get to fill up on all types of cookies, my idea of heaven. I have never had good luck at making those fancy cookies so I really appreciate my neighbors when they bring a plate of cookies at Christmas time. Grandmother

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  1. I wish I could do the cookie thing, maybe next year!