Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where did all the hats go?

I watched the movie on Coco Chanel last night and loved seeing all the hats. Hats were important when I grew up, my Grandmothers never went outside without the proper hat. To pass the time at our grandparents' homes my sister and I got to try on and model all the hats. Some were small with feathers, rhinestones and netting, but we liked the large floppy ones. When we grew up and got to go shopping, Mother could always find us in the millinery department trying on the hats. Easter was celebrated with new bonnets and in church there was a flood of flowery hats, a sight to behold, don't remember the sermons but can see all those hats in the congregation. There were millinery shops that specialized just in hats and handbags. When I was married I wore a hat instead of a veil. It was white lace with sequins and pearls. Now I only wear a hat when I go outside in the summer. The shelf in my closet has several straw hats, a canvas one, a special one made by my granddaughter, two lightweight hats for really hot weather and my wedding hat. Bring back the hats!!! Grandmother


  1. I share your passion for hats. I use to make my mom take me to local Gibson Girl Sales so I could buy old hats and gloves - I did this all the way through high school. I think my parents still have some of those old hats in their basement . . . maybe it's time to get them out and wear them a little.

  2. Hat's rock, I just got a new one and I love t.