Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Run For Cover

When I was in grade school we had bomb drills along with fire drills. The alarm would sound and we would crawl under our desks and wait for the all clear signal...but what do you do if the planet is sucked into a black hole? Have you read the story about the colossal experiment that starts today? Scientists will begin smashing atoms in a deep tunnel between France and Switzerland. The hope behind the experiment is that they will discover clues about how everything in the universe is made including extra dimensions, invisible dark matter and an elusive particle called "Higgs boson".

Talk about your intriguing sci-fi adventure! What lies beyond? Will answers about other dimensions and matters of life be uncovered. But wait! On the dark side there are those who are predicting doom from this course of experimentation. The naysayers proclaim that the collisions will result in tiny black holes and that the planet Earth could be threatened and sucked in.

What do you say? Is the end near? Will mysteries be solved and clues to existence be revealed.
I don't know about you but I am packing and ready to escape...beam me up, Scottie! Mom

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