Friday, August 22, 2008

That old family tree

I enjoy researching old cemeteries, looking for records, reading letters (yes people did write letters that had a wealth of information in them) finding photographs and getting histories in person. I am a family tree buff and love finding bits and pieces of our families. My imagination goes wild when families move and I wonder why they struck out on their own. It is a plus when you find another relative working on their tree and are able to compare dates and locations. In checking censuses you wonder what happened to a child that was on the previous census and you note that the mother isn't there either. Did they die, go to live with another relative or end up in a state home? At times it is a mystery but it makes you work that much harder to find the answer. I wonder if my great-great-grand children will wonder why we moved to different states and what we were doing. I keep a diary and hope some day someone will be interested enough to read it. Grandmother

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