Sunday, August 24, 2008

Signs of Summer's End

The hummingbirds have arrived which is a sure sign that the dog days of summer are winding down. I always have mixed feelings greeting the hummers, because while I enjoy their antics I also know that the lazy, hazy days are shortening up and the temps are dropping. This summer has zoomed past all too fast and I would like nothing more than to linger just a little while longer and breathe in the scents of the roses.
The flowery shows give way to some weird looks in the garden, but I particularly like this one. These allium globes look like they are from outer space. I just know that there are tiny Martians hidden in those seedheads .This is a great plant in the garden. If you are making lists for next year take special note of "redbirds in a tree", scrophularia macrantha. The blossoms look just like little, tiny red birds sitting on a tree branch. This plant isn't fussy and is xeric. Those little hummers also appreciate seeing it in the garden so they can zoom in and take a nectar sip! Even if the calendar pages are turning toward colder, shorter days I will take time to lounge just a little longer and enjoy the changes in the garden. Mom


  1. I find the little redbird in the tree
    plant very interesting. I would like to know if it will grow in the south, in hot, humid weather, on the southeastern coast?
    Where may I look to find one for next
    summers planting ? Would they have to
    be ordered from some special catalog ?
    Do they come back each yr. or are they
    an annual ? Appreciate any info. Thanks
    auntie je

  2. I tried to find info about humidity affecting redbirds in a tree and I didn't find anything. My suggestion would be to get one plant and try it and see what happens. It is a perennial for zones 5-10, so heat evidently isn't a problem. The first year in you will have to water it when the soil feels dry but after the first year when it is established it can go longer without water. You can just supplement when you don't get rain. I would just make sure and not overwater it and only water when the soil is dry. You can order it from High Country Gardens One plant is $5.99...that's a deal. You could even order it now and get it established for next year. It is a fun plant. Last year I put mine in a pot and at the end of summer I planted it in the ground and mulched it well to get through the winter. It made it and I expect next summer it will be bigger and fuller.

  3. Thank you for the info. on the
    redbirds in tree plant. Will be ordering
    a couple, what a deal on the price too!