Friday, August 29, 2008

Look for an exciting

presidential campaign. We are going to make history in the 2008 election. There will be either a Black American as president or the first woman vice president. It is going to be interesting. This month as been good for TV, we had the Olympics, then the Democratic National Convention and now the Republican National Convention. It sure beats reruns on TV, more action than the reality shows. I am proud to be a registered voter since the age of 21 and this vote will probably take more time in considering who I am going to cast my vote for. Casting a vote is much easier than it used to be, you can do it by mail-in ballot, absentee ballot or using the new voting machines. When I first voted you had to go to the designated voting precinct, usually stand in line for hours which at times wasn't too bad, you got to visit with your neighbors but the kids got bored then wait until the next day for the results. Now the results are determined before the West Coast has voted, I wonder if this election will be harder to predict. Remember to register and VOTE!!! History will be made. Grandmother

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  1. Yes!! Get out an vote! It is going to
    be a very interesting debate, I can hardly wait. And agree this is much better than re-runs.
    I spoke with a friend of mine, and asked if she had watched any of the DNC.
    Of which she informed me " I never have
    voted, and I have never registered ".
    WHAT ?? She is an intelligent lady, I still am wondering WHY?!! I'm proud of this country and proud to have the right to vote, and that I've been registered since I was 21 as well.Now as a grandmother too, I impress on all my granddaughter's to get registered and vote soon as of age! One will be doing this for the first time this yr. Grandmothers unite get the word out to
    all the grand children, and friends too,
    register to vote it's never too late!