Monday, July 21, 2008

If it isn't hot enough

in the house from the temperature outside, I just made it hotter. With all the ceiling fans whirling I started the summer canning session. At the Farmer's Market they had apricots for sale. After finding the biggest ones for a price that was affordable, I purchased a lug of them. Today I got them ready to process. After making a sweet simple syrup, I washed them and filled quart jars to the brim with apricots and poured in the syrup. The jars were plunged into the water bath and boiled for 45 minutes. Apricots are easy to prepare just wash them thoroughly in cool water, slit and remove the seed and stuff in the jars. Now I have just raised the temperature in the kitchen at least 10 degrees from all the boiling water. The finished product shines in the sunshine full of orange jewels just begging to be eaten. The first batch of fruit is ready to be stored until this winter. Grandmother

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