Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One step forward three decades back

Is no one else as incensed as I am after reading Daughter's blog and viewing the links? I am ready to spit nails about the remarks made criticizing Hillary Clinton based on gender. I was a teenager and college student in the 70's and well remember Gloria Steinem and the women's rights movement. What in the world has happened since then. I believed that I would see a President who was a woman in my lifetime, but now I am beginning to wonder.

This country has slid backwards and the slope to gain ground is steep if we allow news commentators to get away with lewd, sexist remarks instead of sticking to issues and facts...where are the facts? I don't care what the opinions of news people are...I want the facts. And I certainly don't want to hear about the hairstyle, the type of clothing or the style of shoes a female political candidate is wearing.

The thing that really gets my goat is that it wasn't just men making the sexist comments but also some women journalists. What's up with that? Women need to put a stop to these kinds of comments...whether it is a blond joke or a comment by a co-worker or a commentary from the media. Take a stand and make a change! If we don't respect ourselves, how will anyone else respect us? Mom


  1. This is part of the reason that I don't have a TV. I'm not represented by 90% of the media in this country, and my representation in the other 10% may not be too flattering.

  2. In the late 60's and 70's, I was a young wife & mother with 3 children, ages 8,7 and 2. I also worked, to help with the bills. When the "women's rights movement" came about. I was with women in the nieghborhood, work place, and family. Yes we all wanted to have
    equal opportunities, as well as pay.
    All went about our lives, but still hoped and saw progress in the next years. Seeing our daughters get that degree, and jobs equal to what the men held. However the pay has not yet been equal, but progress was being made. At least till this political fiasco began, because a women decides to run for the office of president.
    Now due to "freedom of the press" rights, which I believe is being taken out of context by the press ! They get away with stating on the TV what they believe, or print what they believe, be it truth or not true.
    I feel that we have just stepped back some 35 years! All due to the untruth facts and not sticking to the issues.
    Maybe we should get out that ole bra,& burn it, while we all march across this nation.
    Just maybe we can our respect back, and give the "news media" something to yack about!

  3. Interestingly enough...

    While not burning them they are doing something useful with them in the uk.

  4. That would be a "grand idea", for the
    women in USA as well !

  5. Yes, but you know, it would upset folks here.