Monday, June 9, 2008

Is Ours Still A Misogynistic Society?

I was deeply troubled by a recent column that I read in the New York Times that discusses some of the inappropriate characterizations of Hillary Clinton that surfaced during her campaign. While I was not a Clinton supporter, I felt I was justified in my decision, as it was rooted in political reasoning and had nothing to do with gender.  

The column lists such atrocities as a Hillary-bashing group called "Citizens United Not Timid," a Hillary Clinton nutcracker with shark-like teeth between her legs, and comments from political pundits and media commentators such as: "When Hillary Clinton speaks, men hear: 'Take out the garbage.'" 

It's so pathetic that our media has derailed to talk about Clinton's gender more than they talked about the issues at hand.  And as a reporter, I believe that the coverage of this election has been a disgrace to my profession.  If the media or anyone for that matter made similar comments about Barack Obama, there would be some serious dialogue happening about the state of our nation.  But because Hillary's a woman I guess it just doesn't matter.  It's sad to think that our nation is far, far away from ever seriously considering a woman as a real political player in the presidential pool.  And to be honest, I think that our country will suffer as a result of it.  

Also, check out the Women's Media Center's You Tube video by the Women's Media Center.  Daughter.

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  1. Sadly the media provides a product for the market. If there wasn't a market for it it wouldn't be on offer.
    That being said I did see an article where BO was asked what kind of undies he wore, so perhaps she isn't completely alone, although I think she did bare the brunt of it.