Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wow!! 56 years

Time passes so fast it doesn't seem like it has been 56 years since I said "I do." We were married in my parents' home with my Grandfather officiating. My wedding dress cost $49.00 which was expensive to me at that time. It took me some time to save up the money. My aunt made the wedding cake and my folks provided the buffet lunch. Both of our fathers bought the booze and set up a bar in the office space of my folk's home. My Granddaughter was looking at our wedding pictures and got a good laugh seeing some of the wedding gifts. We got a lot of practical items, a new straw broom, a rolling pin, cookbooks, hand embroidered dish towels and of course a frying pan. It was fun to share our wedding day with our family who were here to celebrate with us. Grandmother

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