Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Special Anniversary Dinner

Since we were able to help celebrate my parents' 56th anniversary, we planned a nice dinner for them. My husband, daughter and I cooked and served roasted pork tenderloin topped with an apple, dried cranberry chutney, mashed Parmesan potatoes and grilled asparagus wrapped in
prosciutto. YUMMY!

And for dessert a buttermilk coconut cake topped with the original cake topper from my parents' wedding cake! Mom

1 comment:

  1. Some one in our household is wishing
    he was invited to the anniversary dinner!
    When I read the menue to him, his taste buds perked right up! Probably the first
    time I've gotten his attention from reading something off the computer to him. The pork tederloin, then the coconut cake made with buttermilk, his mouth is a watering!
    Guess I'll refrain from reading this blog to him, I'll be in the kitchen cooking and baking ! Now where did I put that Betty Crocker ?