Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Garden "Gertie"

That's me!!! This cool, rainy May morning I made a trip to the greenhouse and garden center up the street from us. Wow!! Plants all over the place, some blooming others stretching their leaves to the light coming in. There were all colors of flowers, red, pink, purple, white, orange and of course the variegated colors. I meandered down the rows and found the vegetable plants. There were tables of tomato plants, names I have never heard of, all with days listed showing when you could eat the tomato. There were some listing days of 58, 62, 70 and 78. I looked at the plants and figured by July 10 we could be eating fresh tomatoes. Now I thought about my green thumb and decided that would never happen. I did buy 4 early girls and am counting down the days. I promise that when we eat the first one I will let you know.

By the time I checked out I had 8 tomato plants, 4 cucumber plants, 3 summer squash plants, 2 green pepper plants and of course I could not resist 24 flowering annual plants. There is nothing like a trip to the local greenhouse to perk up spirits on a cool, rainy day in May. Grandmother

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