Thursday, May 15, 2008

Creative Design

My design quilting class has ended and I completed two more designs. The one below is based on a still life that I sketched. It is a lot easier to do still life in pencil than it is in material I discovered. Trying to get shading and colors to work in material required a lot of snipping and tossing of material. Needless to say my sewing room was in shambles by the time I got this little piece together. The one thing that I did get out of the exercise was a better understanding of values (tints, tones and shades).

This design was based on repetition of shape. I used both geometric shapes (rectangles and circles) and an amorphous shape (kokopelli). This exercise was hard also because trying to achieve the right contrast so kokopelli wouldn't fade into the background resulted in many trips to the quilt store to get just the right material.

Doing art quilts is a lot harder than following a pattern and a real challenge for me. I have great ideas in my head but I am challenged artistically in bringing those ideas to fruition. Now I just have to sandwich and quilt these to get them finished. Mom


  1. Ahh, I see that you have that artistic
    gene as well !
    I personally think what you have done is
    wonderful for a first timer !
    Don't be so hard on yourself, look at
    what you have accomplished!
    I hope you will share your finished quilt's with us too.
    As the saying goes... "You Go Girl"!

  2. I'm super impressed with the still life quilt - the strawberries have an amazing amount of detail and look quite lifelike.