Monday, April 14, 2008

Pen and Paper

I've been having writer's block with this blog. So as my mother has recommended many times in my professional life, I'm starting by going back to the basics--I'm using a pen and paper to write my ideas and then I will transcribe them onto the computer. Now this may seem redundant to some, but a computer can never open the gateway to creativity like a pen and paper can. Every time I have a deadline I stare at that blank computer page and that darn blinking cursor just waits and waits and waits for divine inspiration to strike me. But it never does because the page is like a concrete barrier and I need a bulldozer to break through to the other side where creativity, coherence and beauty lie. Inevitably I turn to the pen and paper and one word at a time that insurmountable barrier has been reduced to mere rubble and on my piece of paper lies a great beginning to another article. From this writer's perspective, computers may one day rule the world, but my hand will still be searching for that pen and paper. Daughter.

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