Saturday, April 12, 2008

They can't bottle

the smell of spring. Today the sun is shining and there is a soft breeze blowing the fresh newly rained air. I hung our sheets and towels out on the clothes line to dry. We never had dryers when I was growing up. Saturday's chore was washing the clothes in a wringer washing machine and then hanging them up to dry. We had 15 lines on our clothes line and a five gallon bucket of clothes pins. My mother hung the clothes neatly on the lines but my sister and I lumped socks, small clothes and towels in clumps. In the winter time the clothes were stiff as boards and were laid out in the living room by the fire to finish drying. Needless to say it took most of the day to do laundry. I do enjoy the automatic washer and dryer but those perfumed dryer sheets do not take the place of fresh air. The smell of clothes off the line just beg to have your nose buried in them. Grandmother

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