Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Creativity, Wherefore Art Thou?

I have always been envious of artistic people, primarily because I am not. I have tons of ideas floating in my head, but whenever I try to translate them into art they end up being blobs, stick figures and UFOs.

I have read all the "how-to" books like "Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain" or the "Artist's Way" and although the suggestions did improve my skills, it is hard to draw a lot of things upside down and standing on your head doing landscapes just isn't practical. Looking at things upside down is suppose to take your left brain out of the picture and let the right brain take over. In my case I have a pretty bossy left brain so it is very challenging for my right brain. Now I am reading another book, but I like what this book has to say. Barbara Olson in her book "Journey of an Art Quilter" writes, "We are all creative beings. It is through a clearer understanding of our unique energy and spirit that our creative expression will manifest."

I like being considered a "creative being" and trying to be creative in quilting I am taking a design class. For our last class project we were to do a small design with lines. The picture above is what I created. I was concerned that the instructor would find all kinds of things wrong with it but to my amazement she was very positive in her comments. I left class feeling like maybe, just maybe I had a "creative being" and if I keep trying very hard I just might unleash that unique energy and spirit and surprise myself! Mom

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