Saturday, March 29, 2008

Peep, Peep!!!!

I just read my favorite grandaughter-in-law's blog and she admitted she was hooked on Peeps. She and I have the same great addiction for sugar coated, creamy, sticky marshmallow Peeps. For years my Easter basket has been overflowing with pink, yellow, purple and even green gooey treats. It is a good thing that they come in boxes of five because if I open the box, those little chicks or bunnies are gobbled one right after the other. I have found these addictive little creatures in a shape of a Christmas tree, Jack-o-lantern and even once in pink and red hearts at different times of the year. I have tried limiting myself to just one or two and putting the rest in the freezer. Boy they are still delicious frozen because it melts in your mouth and the juice oozes between your teeth and they last twice as long. I have even hid them so I wouldn't be tempted and found that dried out Peeps are hard to chew but still have the great taste. So here's to Peep lovers everywhere, may you never run out of Peeps. Grandmother

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