Thursday, February 28, 2008

Forever??? I don't think so!

So you all have heard about the "Forever" stamps. They are the ones you can now purchase for 41 cents and the relevance for them is that they can be used when postal rates are hiked. Maybe you have heard that a postal increase is going into effect May 12th. The cost of stamps is going from 41 to 42 cents. In response to the hike increase the US postal services will have 5 billion "Forever" stamps available to "meet the demand". Since I am "math challenged" I am having a dickens of a time figuring out how many stamps I am going to need for the rest of my life so I can go out and purchase all of those stamps at 41 cents. I just have to convince my husband that instead of investing in retirement funds that we should be investing in stamps to avoid all of the other price hikes that are going to follow in the future. Hmm, I wonder if our government leaders in their infinite wisdom will offer a "Forever" gasoline option??? Mom

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  1. In another post you stated you were "math challenged" so I won't propose the economical "brain teaser" on investing in Forever Stamps for snail mail. I think a better investment for the long term might be the new "email stamps" the USPS is designing to recoup losses associated with people using less snail mail....

    "Forever Gasoline" - Sign me up!

    - Craig