Friday, July 4, 2014

Red, White and Blue Flowers

Add some patriotic color into your yard with red, white and blue (well almost blue since there are no true blue) flowers. Here is a sampling of some I have in my garden.

Blood Red Heuchera (common name coral bells) is a shade plant that can take fairly dry conditions. The leaves are variegated so after the blooms have faded the plant still looks pretty.

Annabelle Hydrangea is a plant that doesn't fail to delight. It grows on new wood each spring and produces giant heads of millions of tiny white blossoms. When the blossoms start to fade they will dry on the stem and can be cut and used for arrangements. Mine likes protection from the hot afternoon sun.

Linum lewisii (common name blue flax). This is a pretty little plant. Its only downfall is that it is a short-lived perennial. So enjoy it while you can.

Miniature rose. I love these little roses. They are not as demanding as the tea and floribunda roses for feeding and pruning. A quick prune in the late spring and they will delight with blooming until frost as long as you deadhead them.

Sally Holmes climbing rose. She (with a name like Sally it has to be a girl, right?) produces huge mopping heads of white blooms. She can be a huge climber or pruned as a shrub. Sadly mine never gets really tall due to winter kill.

If you are going to have a patriotic garden then you must include 4th of July climbing rose. The blooms are fireworks worthy. One of my favorite roses.

Non-climbing clematis - unfortunately I don't have the specific species name for this plant. This is the seed head it produces. It looks like a 4th of July sparkler and is quite pretty blowing in a breeze. There are so many more "patriotic" flowers that can enhance your garden....and you don't have the noise nor mess that you have with the typical fireworks! Happy 4th of July USA!

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