Thursday, May 23, 2013

Shibori Fabric Painting

Shibori is a term encompassing various Japanese techniques for dying fabric. I recently read an article about adapting this technique and painting the fabric instead of dying and wanted to try it. 

I dug a can out of the recycling and made a mental note to look for a larger can and save it for the future. Took some plain ole cotton fabric that had been prewashed and cut a rectangle. I laid the can on the fabric and rolled the rectangle around the can.

Since the fabric was larger than the can it got kind of tricky trying to hold the fabric on the can. I used some tape to secure the starting edge of the fabric to the can. I double-folded the tape and put it under the fabric so I wouldn't have an unpainted spot.

Then I sort of gathered the fabric around the can. I used a couple more pieces of double-folded tape to hold it in place.

The next step was wrapping string around the can to hold the fabric in place. I really needed a couple more hands for this!

Before you start wrapping the string you need a length of string running from the bottom of the can to the top. This is so you can tie off the end of the string when you get to the bottom of the can...if that makes sense!

Keep wrapping the string progressing down the can and bunching the fabric as you go.

See?? This is why you needed the beginning of the string at the bottom of the can. You can tie the ends of the string together in a knot.

The fabric is all bunched up between the string completely covering the can.

I used a variety of different fabric paints that I had on hand.

I slightly dampened the fabric with a spray bottle of water.

Then I applied the paint with a brush.

I put different colors all along the can making sure to cover the fabric completely.

Tada! The finished piece of fabric once I cut the string and took it off of the can.

Here's another piece that I did using blues and greens. I am always looking for that piece of fabric with just the right colors for my art quilts. This technique is fast and easy and allows me to create that perfect color of fabric that I can never seem to find in the stores! 

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