Thursday, April 4, 2013

Quilted Landscapes

So in my previous post I showed some works that I had made for my "Not So Exact: Working Abstract" quilting class. Remember this study:

I have named it "Flying Fingers" since my attempt at white water looks like finger projections. Ha! I was determined to redo this little quilt and see if I could improve upon it. I quite like how the 2nd attempt turned out.

So much better, right??? The class members also thought this was a significant improvement. One of the big things that I did was to crop the top of photo taking out many of the rocks and trees. 

I am still frustrated over the water (even though this is so much better), but Melody said that quilting stitches would help it a lot. I was short on time waited until the last minute to do the homework and didn't get a chance to do any stitching on this piece. 

The comments were favorable for the composition and another positive was that I had 3 black "chunks in a triangle shape (the two rocks in the back and the log in the front). Black helps to set off a piece. Melody thought that I should have the water coming down to the bottom of the quilt where the log is, even though the original photo didn't have that. 

Also in the upper top right corner the colors need to be toned down and darkened so that they look farther in the distance. The other main comment was the orange shrub on the left...that bright color draws the eye and there should be 2 other small groupings of that same color down in the front of the piece. All in all I was happy with the end result.

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