Friday, January 4, 2013

Art Smock For A Toddler

My grand-daughter is a budding artist and for Christmas we got her an easel, paints and brushes. A real artist needs a cool art smock, right? I found this pattern for an easy-to-make smock. The front is long to cover a fair bit of her clothes from any paint mishaps.

The smock is made with laminated much better than oilcloth. Oilcloth has phthalates in the PVC vinyl, which isn't something I want touching my grand-daughter. The construction is easy and the directions are straight-forward. Using the bias tape to finish the edges adds a touch of pop and makes the whole construction simple. I didn't have any trouble sewing on the plastic laminate. My sewing machine needle worked fine. I just used the 80/12 size needle. I was cautious about using pins so I wouldn't have any holes and used masking tape in place of any pins. 

The pattern didn't state a specific size so I wasn't sure how this would fit, but it turned out to fit grandbaby, who is less than 2, just fine. I do hope that there is a little growing room so it will last her for a while. It wouldn't be too difficult to resize the pattern to make it larger.

Silly me...I didn't take a photo of the back, but it is shorter than the front. The side tab and upper tab close with velcro dots so there isn't any need to try to button and unbutton while putting it on or taking it off...something that is important when the little one is impatient to get to her artwork!

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  1. It turned out so great, fits perfectly, and has many more uses than just an art smock! Thanks again!