Monday, September 10, 2012

Williams Fork River

Hubby and I recently fished the Williams Fork River in Colorado. It's a pretty river, but very crowded. Evidently lots of fly fishing people like to hit it. On the day we went the flows were around 250 cfs but one week earlier the flows had only been 17 cfs. It is tail water so the flow depends on how much water they let out of the dam. Caught a couple of nice sized browns, but due to the high traffic flow I am not sure I would intentionally head back to fish it.

One other caution...there are tons of skeeters by the river so don't forget the spray! We went in the morning since the skeeters are enough to carry you off in the late afternoon. We did luck out on the day we went because it had been dry and was sunny with a light breeze so we didn't get many bites...skeeter bites that is!

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