Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's Black and White and Read All Over

Ok so maybe it isn't read, but this little book is perfect for visually stimulating babies. Very young babies prefer to look at high contrast items and black and white are the highest contrast. I used the Imagination Book pattern in Amy Butler's book "Little Stitches For Little Ones". This project went together very quickly, but instead of using her graphics for the pages I drew my pictures. I then cut them out in freezer paper for the pattern. After fusing the material with an interfacing, I used my pattern to cut the material and fused it onto a white background.

The back side of the book is made using different cotton fabrics. There is also a little carrying case that you can make to put the book in, but I figured this book would be used so much that a case would be unnecessary. I did consider putting an elastic loop and button on one side of the book to hold it shut when it is folded up, but I don't like using buttons with small children. And I figured that Mr. T would play with this book once he is a little older and I didn't want that button coming off in his mouth. This is a book that will last a long time even once Mr. T starts paying more attention to other color contrasts as it can build his vocabulary, introduce some letters of the alphabet and since there aren't any words a whole new story can be made up every time the book is "read" to Mr. T! Mom

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