Sunday, April 10, 2011

Memo Command Center

While at Daughter's house she asked me to paint the inside of this door with chalkboard paint. It is a door in her kitchen that leads to the fire escape and is always kept closed. Although there is a lot of info on the net and in blogland about painting with chalkboard paint, I had never done it and was a little unsure about the whole process.

Since the door is painted in an oil based paint, I needed to first apply a primer. We used this Kilz product which says it has low odor and zero VOCs. I would say it has no odor. I didn't smell a thing. After applying the Kilz I put on the chalkboard paint, which since it is a latex is very easy to clean up with just soap and water. Chalkboard paint comes in a wide range of colors, but since Daughter's kitchen is black and white, she preferred the traditional black chalkboard look.

The application of the chalkboard paint was no different from painting with any other latex paint. It went on smoothly. This is the first coat.

The final coat! Daughter knew that the chalkboard needed to be "primed" to make it easier to erase in the future. This consisted of placing the chalk sideways and covering the entire surface in chalk.  After wiping the surface off the "chalkboard" is ready to use. This will make a very convenient message center for Daughter to list grocery items, appointments or just leaving notes for her husband. It turned out to be super easy and if Daughter should ever decide that she doesn't want this any more, it is easy enough to change by painting over it. Mom