Friday, March 11, 2011

Amy Butler's Modern Diaper Bag

I made this diaper bag from Amy Butler's book "Little Stitches for Little Ones". Pictures are deceiving as this bag looks like a decent size in the photos in the book, but in reality it is huge. I debated making it in this large size or following the downsizing mentioned by a few bloggers who had sewn it. I decided that since daughter lives a ways away from me that I didn't want her to have any excuses about coming to visit with the little one so I made it in the dimensions following the pattern. This bag, although big, would be terrific for car traveling or (hint, hint) airplane travel. You could pack anything and everything you would need for babies/toddlers/husbands...

Making the inside pockets is a bugger. The verbal directions with the lack of accompanying pictures drove me crazy trying to figure out what the heck Amy was talking about. I looked to see if there were any corrections to the published pattern as the pocket was not working out, but there wasn't anything listed. In the end I just eyeballed where the boxed pleats should be sewn and it all worked out evenly.

Another change that I would make if I were to sew this bag again is to omit some of the interfacing and fleece. Fusible interfacing and fleece is applied to every piece and while the bag is structurally solid, I don't think that all of that support is necessary. Not to mention that it creates a lot of bulk to push under the sewing machine needle. I had the good sense to use my Juki sewing machine to make this bag and it handled all of the bulk without any hang ups.

In the end I was pleased with the bag and so was daughter. Now she won't have any excuses for not coming out to see me with the baby! Mom

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