Monday, January 24, 2011

Warm and Soft

I knitted this scarf for my Dad for his birthday. The mohair yarn is incredibly soft and not itchy at all. It is a pattern called Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf and let me tell you it is easy to make a mistake...even though this pattern is classified as easy and for beginners. I had to pay attention because when I did make a mistake, I couldn't back pedal and undo the stitches. It was hard for me to tell what what a knit and what was a pearl so I had to rip out whatever I had done and start over again. After doing that once I decided to pay attention and count stitches and make sure not to make a mistake! I am just so proud of myself for finishing another knitting project and having it come out looking like it is suppose to. Mom


  1. It looks great! I started to knit myself a scarf once and it ended up as a tiny scarf for one of my stuffed animals!

  2. That's funny...but I bet it looked cute on your stuffed animal!! :)