Wednesday, July 28, 2010

News flash!!!

You may want to be careful when you are floating the Colorado River on the West Slope.  Your toes may be tasty tidbits to a river creature.  Just heard they had a reporting of an alligator in the Colorado River upstream from us in Palisade.  Alligators are not native so the authorities are presuming someone dumped an alligator into the river when they could no longer take care of it.  The report said this one was 5 feet long and had tried to get a dog that was at the shore line.  The owner of the dog rescued him and reported what she had seen.  With the hot weather there are many rafts and tubes floating along the river, so you may want to keep those feet, legs and hands away from hungry alligators.  Grandmother

1 comment:

  1. Amazing, the dog and owner got away.. alligators run about 35mph.
    Between bears roaming out of their realm of land,now gators!
    Wondering if it has any thing to do with "global warming"?