Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Muse: Tributes To Our Fathers

I don't use a shovel like a girl,
thanks to my Dad!
I know how to hammer, drill and saw,
thanks to my Dad!
I know how to change a tire
thanks to my Dad!
I know how to fix my sprinkler system, install a ceiling fan, repair drywall,
thanks to my Dad!
I'm not afraid to try,
thanks to my Dad!
And for those times when I screw it up, can't figure it out or just get plain frustrated, Dad's there to help me out....Thanks Dad!

Daughter:  Fathers and boyfriends have never gotten along.  I'm positive that this truth dates back to caveman days.  It's just the way it is.  So of course, I always dreaded that fateful afternoon when inevitably my first boyfriend would have to meet my father, who is no easy match.

Mind you I had grown up believing that if I was ever daring enough to bring a boy home, my father would be there meticulously cleaning his rifle piece by piece.  And you can imagine what that would do to a potential second date.

On that fateful day, my father sat in his recliner while his prisoner sat uncomfortably across from him perched on the couch with nowhere to go.  My father then continued with about 20 questions one right after the other.  How are you doing in school?  What are you going to do when you graduate?  What's your career plan?  I mean really what sophomore boy knows his career plan?  After about 30 minutes of interrogation, I was thoroughly humiliated as my father finally pronounced that we could leave.  But really who wants to go on a date after that?  Any chance of romance was gone.

Anyway after first boyfriend and about eight years, I met my soon-to-be husband.  This time there was no 20 questions and thank goodness no shotgun.  I mean I think my husband and father had each other at caddis (if you fly fish, you know what that is).  To all those daughters out there, here's a hint.  Find a guy who enjoys your father's favorite hobby and you're in.

Ever since that first meeting, my father has graciously welcomed my husband into our family.  Well, except for when my husband called my dad to ask for my hand in marriage.  But that's another story for another day.


Lessons From My Dad

You can do it!  Dad's patient, Puritan
threads wove my life's pattern.
When I unraveled teachings,
he gently pulled, patched the tear.

Good behavior provided slack.Wise
words put tension back.
You can do it!  He coaxed me to reach,
gave Hershey Kisses for rewards.

Respect for elders, good manners brought
praise, shaped my being.  He held the shuttle,
supplied the warp, wove the pattern.
At times it was a very lumpy texture.

Failures knit a carpet beneath
my feet, had to try again.  Job well
done sparkled in his eye, and I was
rewarded with hugs and praise.

His colors faded, edges frayed.
I picked up the string.  You can
do it!  I wound it into a small ball.
My turn to carry on.

Miss you Dad.

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  1. Wow, amazing poem grandma! I always love the way in which you string words and phrases together ... very powerful.