Friday, April 30, 2010

They Said It Wouldn't Be Done!

That's right! This is to all those naysayers in the family! You said it wouldn't be done for a year...some of you even suggested it might be three years! HAH! I proved you wrong. It only took me 5 months longer.

What is that? That is a baby quilt for my nephew and his wife's first baby. The baby was born in November...actually toward the end of November. I had intentions of having it finished in time for the little one's arrival...but you know what they say about intentions! I did manage to get the quilt done and the little fella isn't a year old nor is he 3 years old. Actually I think he will appreciate the quilt more now than he would have when he was a newborn. The material is a little more in line for a little boy than a baby anyway.

TADA! Excuse me while I go pat myself on the back. Mom

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  1. cool ... i'm glad to see you expanding your color pallet and experimenting