Sunday, March 14, 2010

3200% Too Much...

Last Sunday I tried to make a gourmet dinner. The keyword there is "tried". I went through a ton of recipes to find this gourmet meal, Roast Beef with Coffee Gravy. I woke up on Sunday and hurriedly began the process because I had to meet a friend. I threw all the ingredients in the crock pot and was proud of myself all day. I even bragged to my friend letting her know how great I thought I was.

My confidence, however, was eviscerated when we went to finish the meal. I realized I made a huge mistake. Instead of adding 2 cups of coffee, I added 2 cups of coffee grounds. Whoops! In my defense, I don't really drink coffee, so I don't really know how it works. My husband on the other hand has no defense as he makes coffee all the time and knows the difference between grounds and coffee.

I was so ashamed of my mistake that I didn't want to let you in on it, but he convinced me otherwise. My embarrassment and frustration prevented me from taking pictures of the mess of grounds that we strained from the gravy in an effort to salvage the meal.

But this was the disaster zone. Luckily, we were wired with plenty of energy to clean up after dinner.

And honestly, the dinner wasn't really salvageable. I mean we ate it but I can't say it was very good. The redeeming part of the meal was the fabulous brussel sprouts and the goat cheese mashed potatoes. That part was excellent and I highly recommend both recipes. Goat cheese is a refreshingly, deliciously, wonderful complement to mashed potatoes.

And the brussel sprouts were so good that we couldn't stop eating them! I mean who says that about brussel sprouts?


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