Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Good Ole Days

Winter continues to roar, keeping an icy grasp on many places...some more than others. When winds are howling and snow is flying the natural instinct is to just hunker down and avoid venturing out, although that wasn't the case when I was younger. As a kid I seemed to have an innate ability to ignore freezing temps and it was often freezing and windy and blizzarding in Montana.

An especially fun wintertime activity was when we would drive out of town to my Grandparent's ranch. Somewhere along the rural road Dad would stop the car and pull a sled and rope out of the trunk. He'd tie the sled to the rear of the car and my brothers and I would pile onto the sled with scarves tied around our faces and knitted caps pulled low. We would shriek and scream as the car pulled out slowly and the rope pulled taut and then we were off whipping along behind the car. Snow billowed up from the tires blowing into our faces and the wind would bring tears to our eyes but we loved it. Yup...winter just isn't the same anymore! Mom

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