Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lacking Inspiration Today

This week just has not been my week. It has taken two, soon to be three days, for me to clean our apartment and it's only 1,o00 sq. ft.! Granted I've been sick, but still what is wrong with this picture??

Today, I was in the process of finishing the cleaning when I slammed my leg right into the open dish washer. Who's to blame? I know, I! So I limped to the couch and gave up. I figured it's just not my day, right? And besides, my mom has been pestering me to post a blog, so I decided to share my frustration with the world. Lucky you, huh?

Anyway, on to happier things. This picture makes me smile, mostly because of the headband which I got on Etsy, my favorite place ever! What I love about Etsy is that you support artistic individuals, and you end up with a completely original piece!

Anyway, I hope you dear readers are having a better day! Hopefully I will muster enough energy and resolve to clean the bathroom before the end of the day! Daughter.


  1. Thank you for visiting my Etsy site! I hope you had a great weekend and love this idea of three generations of women blogging together. Very cool. :)

  2. I love your Etsy store! Thanks so much for stopping by and we hope you'll come back again!